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How We Roll
Apocalypse, originally established on Misha-Horde 12/16/06, has destroyed its share of progression raiding content. Back in BC/Wrath, we enjoyed 25 man consistent server first achievements and U.S. rankings in the 100-150 range. The guild broke into two ten man groups mid-Cataclysm and, shortly after, many of the hardcore members took real life breaks. At the beginning of Tier 16 (Siege of Org), these members found each other and formed Post Apocalypse on the Hyjal-US server (temporarily Vinegar Strokes). We met our goal to clear Heroic Garrosh before 6.0 content release and began preparing ranks for mythic level content in Warlords of Draenor. Our 20 man team finished WOD as the US #20 two-day guild with a Mythic Archimonde kill around Christmas time.

Post Apocalypse, in its tenth year, has the strongest roster we've ever had and is absolutely ready to take on the Legion.


We like to say we raid "smart" instead of raiding long. We recognize that real lives are important and should be nurtured, but our in-game lives don’t need to suffer because of that. We can be at the forefront of smart raiding by limiting downtime, pre-planning raid strategies, having a team mentality, being active on Discord, contributing to guild forums and researching individual roles prior to showing up at raid time. Community participation is a non-negotiable part of our identity. All of the same requirements and expectations you would find in a top 50 guild are found in Post Apocalypse. This includes a considerable amount of personal effort within individual schedules to get done what is needed for the next raid.

When looking for another player to join our team, we expect nothing less than people who are passionate about playing, highly motivated, well-read, and mesh well with our group. Post Apocalypse looks for seasoned raiders that could compete with high end progression guild rosters, but don't have the time to commit to an excessive dedicated raid schedule. A typical raider has high-end experience, plenty of mythic kills prior to nerfs and usually have held an officer/important role. Personality is very important to us and anyone who has thin skin and can’t take a joke that South Park would make about you should not consider applying. Many of us come from varied backgrounds and have grown up with the game. Over time, the culture of the guild has become very anti-homophobic and anti-racist. If that's not your thing, please do not apply.

Post Apocalypse requires that all players have an attitude that is open to advice and criticism. They should be willing, and able, to openly admit when they've made a mistake, self-correct, and individually analyze logs post-raid. Reading web sites/discords that discuss class play and training dummy practice should be routine. Post Apocalypse highly values a balance of exceptional raid awareness and maximized damage output.

There is no loot drama- and there NEVER has been. It is distributed via a loot council system with the raid leader as the final decision maker. All loot will be distributed in a way that best benefits progression. The sooner we down a boss, the easier it is to gear the entire raid on subsequent kills. We have experience in this and we require your trust in the foresight we have for future roster stability.

Since space is limited, players are continually competing for spots to raid. Players are expected to understand this and value PROGRESSION over loot and personal ego above all things. We invite you to ask any past or previous raid member to attest to our fairness. You will get as much as you give.

A small roster combined with a two day raiding week requires an extremely consistent attendance record and minimal excuses for missing raid or being late. Your raid spot will be in jeopardy if even one day a month is missed without significant notification.

Post Apocalypse is unlike any guild you've ever been a part of. The teamwork and community is exceptional. We understand that there are many choices out there to spend your play time and that choosing a guild is a two-way street where both parties have to be happy. Our recruitment process is thorough because of this... but worth it.

Welcome Home.